Ronald J. Hunsicker
Professional Engineer





Ron Hunsicker is a masonry consultant and professional engineer
specializing in:
  • Understanding masonry veneers

  • Navigating masonry codes and standards

  • Recommending solutions for masonry product, design, and installation defects

  • Providing AIA-approved seminars

  • Investigating product failures

  • Removing efflorescence and staining

  • Avoiding water penetration

  • Preventing cracks in masonry

  • Designing glazed brick veneers

  • Training staff

Masonry veneers—clay bricks, concrete masonry, and natural and artificial stone—keep the outside “out” and the inside “in.” The robust nature of masonry veneer systems shields us from sound, infiltration, wind, rain, heat and cold, intrusion, and fire. That robustness also lowers life-cycle costs because these systems serve us for decades with little maintenance.

Although simple in concept, masonry veneers may not give the service that we expect if there are imperfections in design, materials, or construction. Ron Hunsicker helps owners, designers, manufacturers, and contractors avoid imperfections. Ron also helps discover solutions to problems when there are imperfections.